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Thursday, 30 June 2011

to be honest she's not my cup of tea (or Axolotl pellets as the case may be)...

Flight of the concords Lab parody

Blonde Doctor claims this is influenced by New Zealand genius- of course she's biased being a Kiwi.

Personally I wish she'd feed me this morning instead of making me distract myself from hunger with Youtube...NOMS woman NOOOOMMMMMMMS

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Psychology Experiment

Spikey Haired Guy has taken to working from home a couple of days lately- hence my daily stimulation really has deminished.
Ergo I have devised an experiment- the pschology of interaction with the H. sapiens sub-group, computus programus.
So I splashed him... when he least expected it.

Result:Spikey Haired guy screamed like a wee girl (I am assuming here as my observable lab mates are of 22years and older) and the lab girls thought it was hilarious.

Conclusion- I think I shall try for 2 splashes and see if it elicits double the reaction.